Evocative Enigma

Group Exhibition of Paintings June 20 – July 02, 2014

TamarindArt is proud to present “ Evocative Enigma”, a group exhibition of paintings by Narendra Rai, Stanley Suesh, Sabina Himani, Chandrima Bhattacharya, Sudhir Kumar Duppati, Arunava Mondal, Susanto and Mahula Ghosh.

The artists in the show present memoryscapes: variations on remembered vistas, a sense of nostalgia, non-linearity of dreams or entirely fictitious realms. The eclectic flow of pictorial elements depict an atmosphere of ungraspable nature of memory and the fugitive, ever-mutable character of its content. These canvases both representational and abstract, recapitulated with self discovery and honest storytelling envelop viewers in a strange peace.

Arunava Mondal

Arunava Mondal is interested in exploring the abstract possibilities of paint, especially those concerned with surface, layering, obfuscation, mark and color. His paintings evolve over a period of time and involve a dialogue with the painting process and the physical properties of the medium. The work draws on memory of interaction with his surroundings from the mundane to the extraordinary and engages with the the idea and structures of memory traces and triggers. The paintings contrive to deliver a structural narrative that affords stillness and a visual respite from our high speed digital age. They are quiet yet purposeful each layer of paint holds the trace of his presence. They are a combination of conscious and unconscious thoughts, planned and unplanned actions. They are intangible propositions given to surface by paint.

Stanley Suresh

Stanley Suresh captures the memory of places visited and use colour and texture to suggest a mystery where the viewer is never sure about what is actually seen. Some paintings are abstract, others contain references to details such as human forms, paths and windows and all have a strong quality of light. The dripping drizzles and stroke marks are essential components for his vibrant poetic language. The bold color and pictorial composition in his paintings add intriguing mystery and hold a continued interest. He uses oil and acrylic with a very loose and open ended technique.

Chandrima Bhattacharya

Chandrima Bhattacharya uses psychology and dream imagery to convey messages about the world of human experience. She typically paints in a detailed stippling style, carefully layering contrasting colors to create strong imagery with attractive visual perspectives.

Sumana Chowdhury

Sumana Chowdhury’s paintings are highly textured and colorful. Her collection of work is comprised of abstract that depict human body’s mental and physical constructs. She synchronizes mind-body interaction on canvas, bringing out the dynamics in her energy-charged compositions.

Sudhir Kumar Dupatti

Sudhir Kumar Dupatti’s practice explores the concept of memory, nostalgia and forgetting through a combination of textiles, illustration, digital imagery, text and sculpted objects. He is particularly interested in telling the stories which are often overlooked. He takes his inspiration from the traces people have left behind through an exploration of objects which often evoke personal and cultural memories.

Narendra Rai

Much of Narendra Rai’s work is inspired by the landscape and the changing seasons along with a great love of nature, the human form and wildlife. The real passion behind each painting is to capture mood, atmosphere and color. He finds great inspiration from dabbling in various art and craft forms and is forever experimenting with new artistic methods and technique. Using the perception of the real and unreal, texture and lines, colours and tones, forms and spaces, Rai creates his own oeuvre with the pictorial world. His works are both mysterious and meditative in their shifts and use of colors transport the viewer into another world of reality.

Sabina Himani

Born in Mumbai, India, Sabina Himani is a self taught artist. Her imagery is brilliantly eclectic as she combines abstract and representational expressions coexisting within one visual frame. Her paintings, which are often influenced by her travel, sometimes radiate a calm, poetic exuberance and at other times, reflect the upheavals and turmoils of modern life. In her work the beauty lies in the freshness of colors, their transparency, purity, and a slightly unfinished look, resulting in more natural an effect. Sabina’s canvases look very promising, infusing life in even commonplace objects and making them look spectacular. Her compositions are evocative, her style is intellectual and introspective and her subjects are infused with strength and character.

Mahula Ghosh

The concept of individualism and identity within the anonymousness of ever-growing urban environments is a theme for Mahula Ghosh’s work. Through the portrayal of daily scenes, people, nature and unusual compositions Ghosh creates sophisticated metaphors for complex issues, providing a unique perspective on later.

Susanto Ghosh

Susanto’s works consist of men or women, sometimes from the back, or various other angles, infused with pathos, tell a story of their own, even though on the surface they may seem immersed in mundane everyday chores. His style is contemporary and muted, and the effect, harmonious and vibrant.