Souza On Paper-From The Charugundla Collection

TamarindArt is proud to present “Open Secrets: Souza On Paper”, an exhibition of drawings by F. N. Souza from The Charugundla Collection. Souza’s drawings and paintings diverted from the convention of the period. The creation of the Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group was a direct intervention against convention. Academic realism had entrenched the art world after the Post-Impressionist period to a figurative “cultural morass” as described by Souza. Although the traditions that Souza adheres to are varied, and his influences are many, there are definitive attributes that define Souza’s artwork. His use of crosshatched lines stems directly from his own creative philosophy. Although Souza’s drawings and paintings are not strictly Cubist, the influence can be seen. The multitude of heads and faces drawn and painted by Souza are unique, inventive, exaggerated, and struck a new perspective against the academic style of painting. His innovative style which exhibited brutal depictions that exposed the harsh realities hidden just under the outer layer of appearances especially for the upper class, unsympathetic portrayal of religious subject matter that often deviated greatly from canon, and overly sexualized nudes created a style of art that were all described as “not Indian” by art collector and benefactor Victor William (Peter) Watson.