TamarindArt Publication

We have published several art books, backed by essays from eminent scholars, art critics and art historians, with special and rare photographs of the artist painting, and in some instances painting live in NYC.  These books are well designed, illustrated and documented in such a way that it can be used as reference material in the future by researchers and museums alike. They are collectors’ items and was distributed to most museums, art institutions and private collectors in USA and all over the globe.

Recently we decided to make these books available to any art lover and to the general public by creating a digital publication that is available on Amazon.

If you are interested in acquiring a hardcover copy of any of the books, you can email us at

If you are interested in getting the digital copy of the books, it is available on Amazon.  You can go to and type the title of the book and add ebook and download your digital copy.   The digital books are attractively priced for digital download, so that a larger audience can get access to a copy. (Please note that some of the publications are not yet available on a digital format, we are making efforts in making them all digital. I If you leave your name and email address with us, we can notify you as and when they become available).

Our Publications

Voyage of Discovery by M. F. Husain

Lightning by M. F. Husain

Sonic Chromatic by deaf and hard of hearing artists in the USA

Kindle version coming soon

Lightning 2nd Edition by M. F. Husain

Will be Available in June 2019